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Dilapidations is a term that refers to the wear and tear that a property sustains during its tenure. Most properties are let between Landlords and Tenants under a building lease that define the obligations and repairing liabilities of both these parties and as such who is responsible for the dilapidation of a building during the lease term.

Dilapidations arise when either party fails to meet their lease obligations either during or at the end of the lease. These are defined as alleged beaches of the covenants in a lease and are itemised in a Schedule of Dilapidations that forms the basis of subsequent negotiations to agree compliance with the lease. A tenant can limit their liability with a condition survey, called a Schedule of Condition before they enter an onerous repairing covenant.

We can act for Landlords wishing to make a Dilapidation Claim on a tenant or for Tenants who have received a claim from their Landlord. This requires good negotiating strategies and knowledge of the legal principles plus expertise in valuation under section 18 of the 1925 Property Act in order to avoid unnecessary costs and disruption.