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Building Surveys

Building Surveys are carried out for a variety of reasons: pre-acquisition for owner occupation; acquisition of leasehold interests; for identification of building defects, planned maintenance and the like.

A mortgage valuation is NOT a survey – it is usually carried out by a surveyor who has been appointed by the lender/mortgagee in order to confirm that the property represents reasonable security against the money they are lending. A building survey is a bespoke inspection and report covering all aspects of the building being looked at to provide a property owner, or soon to be property owner, with a full assessment of the current condition that includes technical advice on any defects and subsequent advise on the remedial actions required and their associated costs. Armed with these facts, one can make a sound investment or be able to negotiate on price, or to arrange for necessary works to be carried out.

Often such a survey will need liaison with other specialists for detailed investigation of specialist services e.g. air conditioning, underground drainage etc. We routinely undertake building surveys and as such are well versed in providing such advice for Commercial surveys this includes Managing DDA Audits, Fire Risk Assessment, Electrical Condition Reports and Asbestos Management Surveys, all now required by Law.